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PVC Fabric Reinforced Suction Hose

PVC fabric reinforced suction and discharge hose is a flexible, durable, and versatile hose designed for use in various industrial applications. This hose is made of high-quality PVC material that is reinforced with a strong polyester fabric to provide excellent strength and durability. The fabric reinforcement also helps to prevent kinking and collapsing of the hose.

Corrugatd PVC Suction Hose

Corrugated PVC suction hose is a flexible hose made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a corrugated exterior. It is designed for suction and delivery of liquids and gases in a variety of industrial and agricultural applications.

Smooth PVC Suction Hose

Smooth PVC suction hose is a flexible and durable hose made from PVC material. It is designed for use in suction and delivery applications, such as water, light chemicals, and other liquids. The smooth inner surface of the hose allows for easy flow of liquids, while the outer surface is reinforced with a rigid PVC helix for added strength and durability.

PVC Grit Hose

PVC grit hose is a flexible and durable hose made of PVC material that is reinforced with a rigid PVC helix. This type of hose is designed to handle abrasive materials like sand, gravel, and other types of grainy materials.

Swimming Pool Hose

Swimming pool hose is a flexible and durable hose designed to transport water from the pool to the filter and back. It is usually made of high-quality materials such as PVC or polyethylene, which makes it resistant to UV rays, chemicals, and abrasion.
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